Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The “Role” of the Instructional Designer

I have read several articles recently where Instructional Designers struggle to articulate a definition of their role. First and foremost the role of an ID will depend on the job description but typically Instructional Designers, creative/Renaissance “doers”, will go beyond the parameters of a job description. I love the graphic below, created by Arizona State University. Instructional Designers can serve as communicators, explorers, thinkers, project managers, etc. etc. I would only add one additional descriptor, Entrepreneur. I believe Instructional Designers must be entrepreneurial thinkers always looking one step ahead, constantly being industrious, creative, big picture but detail-oriented innovators. IDs must be proactive but also live in the moment. It is a tough task but a fun and interesting career choice for those wired to use multiple skills and character traits.